Project OOO (One On One)

Program Prerequisite

Must be a graduate of WAH.

Must get approval from WAHU Leadership


Program Description

Project OOO is a program in which you will need to seek out one person to do a one on one study with on the Wild At Heart study in a calendar year. This person that you will seek out can be someone who goes to the church, a friend, a relative, co-worker or a neighbor. I recommend that you spend time in prayer and see what the spirit of the Lord is telling you and who he wants you to focus on to do the 8 week study.


Once you have your person and they agree to the terms of the study with you, please let a WAH leader know the start date of your study, the day and time that you will be meeting and anticipated completion date. We will also need to know the persons name, relationship to you and contact info. This way we all can be praying for you.


Program Material

We will make certain that you are successful on your OOO encounter. You already have your copy of the Wild At Heart Book that you will use along with the notes and highlights you have taken in it when you went through the course. We will provide all the other material for you such as the book for your participant, journal and various pass outs. You will get copies of DVD’s of the WAH program as well as supplemental DVD’s and CD’s that were used in the sessions you took. I will have copies of the agenda for you to use as a guide as you prepare for each session. There will be no excuse that you do not have the proper tools to be successful.


The participant however needs to provide there own camo vest. We do have scholarships available for vests if someone is not able to financially provide it. WAHU will provide the award ribbons and patches that go with the WAH session as well as the Brotherhood Ring.


Note: We are asking that if you the facilitator has the financial means to purchase the Brotherhood Ring for your participant that would greatly help keep the WAHU Fund fluid. At the same time you telling your participant that you are purchasing the ring for them can bring more meaning to your sessions.


Program Penalties

The material we are providing has a cost to it. If for some reason you do not complete the mission of OOO or want to get out before you embark, you will be fined $150.00 which those funds will go back into the WAHU fund. You need to make certain that you tell the person you are doing this program that they need to be committed to you for 8 weeks or there is a fine you will have to pay on their behalf. Just like Christ paid a fine that he did not owe, you are going to pay a fine that you do not owe to show the participant that you are serious in them completing the journey with you.


Adventure To Live Campout

This is where it gets tricky. Depending on when you are conducting your study, you maybe lining up with another brothers study that may mirror the same dates or close to it. You might want to join forces together on the camping adventure. That is why we need to get your schedules and post them for all the others to see and see how it lines up and coordinate camping weekend if it happens to work out in your schedules.

Another option could be is doing the camping adventure alone with your participant. Maybe your session correlates with a study we are conducting with a group of men. Check WAHU Calendar for dates on that. You could also look at asking maybe a few of the WAH grads to join you for the weekend adventure.


Standard Challenge

There is no need for you to come up with a groups name or flag. The person you will be mentoring will come under your Tribes Name and flag. His favorite scripture will be added to the groups list of that tribe.

Your Tribe of Men will also be given this candidates name to pray for as he goes through the session.


Favorite Christian Song And Artist Exercise

His song will be added to the list of your Tribe and be given a CD of his song and those of his other Brothers in the Tribe.


WAH Banquet

We will still be conducting our normal WAH sessions throughout the year. When we have our WAH Banquet with these sessions we can include those individuals who completed the OOO to participate in the Banquet close to there session completion dates.



This OOO program will be easy for some and uncomfortable for others. You will be stretched but you won’t break and stretching results in growth. You will grow and your participant will grow as well. You will also obtain a patch for your OOO accomplishments and if you continue to do them, a silver number will be placed in the center of your patch.


Remember you are not doing this on your own; there are brothers around you that you can talk to and get advice and encouragement. One last word of warning, the enemy is not just going to sit there and watch you take away what he thinks is his property; he will fight you for him. Remember you are greater and an overcommer because you have Christ in you and you have successfully completed your WAH teaching.


Note: Program is subject to change.


If you would like to help sponsor a WAH candidate you can do it through the on-line giving.




Did you not know that (we) must be about (the) Father’s business?


Luke 2:49


Joshua 24:15

"And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that [were] on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."


Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.


Exodus 15:3

The LORD is a man of war; The LORD ​is His name.